Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MySQL Query Analyzer: Quick Update

As expected, many people are interested in the "what" behind our new Enterprise Monitor 2.0 w/Query Analyzer, and again, as expected more than a fair number are asking "OK, so when can we try it?" With that in mind, here is a quick update on where things stand:

- MySQL Enterprise subscribers can download build 7038 (soon to be 704x) and all of the docs from the MySQL Enterprise customer site. It has been a popular download and we should have a refreshed build very soon.

- We are planning to post a public beta in the next 2-3 weeks, most likely after we (the Enterprise Tools engineering team) all return from our annual Engineering meeting (this year it is in Riga, Latvia). That event wraps up on 9/24.

- I am doing a webcast on Query Analyzer for our friends in EMEA tomorrow. You can learn more and get registered here. I did the same presentation in the US back on 8/20, so if you can't make the live event, the 8/20 recording/demo is here.

As the public beta kicks into gear I am interested in hearing your feedback on the Enterprise Monitor 2.0, especially the new Query Analyzer. Please plan to actively participate by using our public discussion forums (feel free to start posting now!) In advance of the public beta I would love to get your feedback on the Monitor/Advisors and how we can improve things to better fit your needs. The forums are open and your honest feedback is greatly appreciated.