Thursday, May 30, 2013

MongoDB 2.5.0 Development Release now available

In the spirit of releasing "early and often", 10gen Engineering has released MongoDB 2.5.0 for development testing and feedback.  You can download the bits and view the change log and release notes here.

And while 2.5.0 is not considered production-ready we very much appreciate early adoption and feedback on the quality on our work to this point.  So, also in the spirit "early and often", please let us know the good, bad and ugly by filing Jira tickets against 2.5.0.  Your helping with our engineering and development efforts is greatly and humbly appreciated!

So what's in 2.5.0 and why should you care?  While not exhaustive here's a quick summary of two enhancements of interest (details on these things are in the release notes and change log):

LDAP Support for Authentication
MongoDB 2.4 and higher provides support for proxy-based authentication of users.  2.5.0 allows administrators to configure a MongoDB cluster to authenticate users via Linux PAM or by proxying authentication requests to a specified LDAP service.  This specific feature is foundational to our enabling MongoDB to be tightly integrated into SSO environments, so the more eyes we can get looking at it early on the better.   Please see the release notes for the details on getting set up.  Please, please, please help us prove this out!  Did I say please?

SASL Library Change
To ensure SASL authentication works consistently across all Linux distros, specifically in conjunction with MongoDB Enterprise Kerberos authentication (a very good thing that many care about as reflected in JIRA), MongoDB 2.5.0 now uses Cyrus SASL instead of GNU SASL (libgsasl).  See the release notes for compatibility and SASL2 and Cyrus SASL library plugin dependencies across Linux platforms.

You might also find Eliot's blog on Mongo's new Matcher interesting as it lays the foundation for more complex, advanced query handling in the future.   

Happy testing! and as always, thanks for your support of MongoDB!

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